Combining Reigns and Hotline Miami

Miami is a little game developped with Spica for Canard PC’s Make Something Horrible 2018 game jam.

This jam is about bad games and this year’s theme was to remake a game in another studio’s style. Among others, it was published Super Nario Story, a Super Mario by Telltales Games or Crashed Bandicoot, a Crash Bandicoot by Quantic Dream and some cheaters published good games : Pierrec made NSFWare, a porn version of Wario Ware and Sergent Cule made Reignspital a Theme Hospital by Nerial.


We decided to make a Hotline Miami by Nerial, those who made Reigns. Hotline Miami is a game with a frenetic gameplay where Reigns is a slow and binary decision-making game, so if you combine the two, you get Miami, a bad, repetitive and terribly easy game.


Spica did the graphics, musics and sound design, I coded the game and we both took care of the “game design”.

You can download it on