New game : BRRRMM

BRRRMM is a versus game for two. One plays the Hunter with his mouse, trying to shoot the other. The other plays the Beast with the arrow keys, trying to destroy a number of the bricks, smashing into them.


At the beginning, I wanted to make a hugging game with two monsters smashing into each other. The one who hugged the other with most brutality would win the game.

Eventually, it turned out that creating a confrontation between these two similar characters wasn’t very fun, I replaced one of the monsters with a character wich goal is to destroy the other, firing at him. The remaining monster now had to break the bricks distributed in the room.

The game aesthetic, its sounds and graphics are inspired by harsh noise, because I was listening to this kind of music while making the game and the thought of putting some of it into the game pleased me. Here’s an exemple of harsh noise :

I like the atmosphere, it’s kind of dirty. As usually, you can play the game for free (but you can make a donation) on Itch :